You’ve got a great ass, Massachusetts

Just came back from seeing the great Eugene Mirman at Cafe Montmartre. Ten years ago, when I was in graduate school, there was supposed to be a thing called “alternative comedy” which would first subvert and then replace stand-up comedy of the awful brick-wall-floral-shirt-what’s-with-airline-food? type. I think this actually didn’t happen, but some of the people I used to go see at Top of the Kong are still going around the country being funny. Especially Eugene Mirman. I was going to write down my favorite bit of his, but I decided it wasn’t that funny written out, and I’d hate to ruin it for you if you ever see him do it. So I’ll just say that my favorite bit is the one that starts “I read that 100% of Americans were Asian.”

Cafe Montmartre is a lousy place to see a show, by the way — cramped, hard to see, and they’re always trying to serve dinner at the same time the band is playing. But they do tend to book interesting acts that don’t draw a High Noon – sized crowd, like Marshall Crenshaw, Hamell on Trial, and my cousin’s band, The Slip.

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