There are many good ways for the Orioles to beat the Yankees

but surely the game-ending bases-loaded walk is among the very finest.

Another fine outing for Jeremy Guthrie, another no-decision. Almost halfway through the season, he’s pitching better than everybody in the AL except Haren, but with only 4 wins he’s not getting the Rookie of the Year attention he ought to be. If the season ended today, I think he’d have no serious competition apart from Okajima, and as good as Okajima’s been he’s only pitched 40% as much as Guthrie.

The Orioles face Zombie Clemens tomorrow. Seeing them knock Clemens around in Yankee Stadium a few years back is one of my treasured baseball memories and I’m ready for a replay.

2 thoughts on “There are many good ways for the Orioles to beat the Yankees

  1. […] 7, Yankees 5 28Jul07 Remember what I said about how much I like watching the Orioles beat Roger Clemens? Well, they did it again tonight. Now 6-2 against the Yankees this […]

  2. […] So was he a good pinch hitter? Have a look at September 26. Orioles face the first-place Yankees; they manage only 1 run off Whitey Ford but it’s enough to take a 1-1 tie into extra innings. Top of the 12th, bases loaded, the heartrendingly awful Willy Miranda coming up, and the skipper calls Jack Harshman’s name. And Harshman delivers that glory of glories, the game-winning bases-loaded walk. […]

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