Hundreds of hours spent flipping through “Miscellaneous C”, now on my hard drive

I’ve just finished ripping every CD I own (with the exception of a few that the drive didn’t like, and some comps I don’t like enough to type in all the song titles.) The total is 5,604 songs, or a little over 18 gigabytes.

On the one hand, it’s quite interesting to have my entire music collection in one place. But it’s also a bit sad — that pile of CDs represented many trips to record stores in many cities, and many hours scanning used and sale racks looking for something of interest to be had for $3.99. (Look at the shelves above and below eye level for the best deals!) Now all that labor is in a form that can be copied to an .mp3 player in a few minutes. For that matter, somebody better at filesharing than me could probably reproduce almost the whole library in one night without getting dressed and leaving the house.

Nonetheless, I’ll plug the two best places I know to be surprised by very good, very cheap CDs: Amoeba Records in Berkeley and Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton.

2 thoughts on “Hundreds of hours spent flipping through “Miscellaneous C”, now on my hard drive

  1. essi71 says:

    But none of those comps were made by me, right?

  2. JSE says:

    Actually, there is a third category of unburned CDs which is “comps which I do want to burn but which I am waiting on until I figure out how auto-tag systems like MusicBrainz/Picard work, since I am hoping not to have to type all the info in myself as I have already done for a couple of comps.” Indeed, some of yours are in this esteemed category, and are currently in my office, being listened to on my primitive one-CD-at-a-time system there.

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