Inka Heritage

I’ve already blogged about Beefheart this week so it’s probably a good time to talk about Inka Heritage, the new Peruvian restaurant on Park Street where today I enjoyed a satisfying dish of anticuchos, grilled slices of beef heart on a wooden skewer. I’d never had heart before — it’s muscle, so tastes less like organ meat and more like a slightly chewier hanger steak, with a nice livery tang to it. The skewers come with two nicely fried potatoes and a heap of imported choclo corn, big faintly sweet kernels about the size of typewriter keys.

Inka Heritage is a fine addition to the neighborhood. Their menu tends away from big bursts of flavor and towards the creamy, cheesy, and mild, but just about everything I’ve tried has been enjoyable (though chicha, the purple corn cinnamon soda, I think I liked mostly for novelty value; I skipped it today. ) I haven’t ordered the ceviche yet, which seems to be a point of pride here. Maybe next time.

Also, the room is lovely, the service is friendly, and my son adores it because there’s a big picture window through which he can watch the trucks going up and down Park. And because he likes beef heart, it turns out.

Inka Heritage
602 S. Park St., 310-4282
11 am-7 pm Sun., 11 am-9 pm Mon.-Thurs., 11 am-10 pm Fri.-Sat.

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3 thoughts on “Inka Heritage

  1. Em says:

    I have to say everything on the menu sounds wonderful, except the beef heart. I look forward to hearing about the ceviche. Cary had ceviche at our anniversary dinner that he raved about (and didn’t share even though I gave him one of my oysters!).

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  3. rob says:

    The ceviche is great!

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