Local band: The Stevedores

The other night a group from the math department went to the High Noon to see some local bands play; I think we made up about a quarter of the audience. The highlight of the night was a short set by The Stevedores, who played about half originals and half oldies (“Maybelline,” “Love Potion # 9”) in a great reverby, tired, end-of-the-world way. When they played covers they sounded like a band you might see in a David Lynch movie. When they played originals they sounded like a much mellower Man Man.

Not really local for long, I’m afraid — it seems they moved here from New York last year and are moving to Austin shortly. But it was nice to have them here.

One thought on “Local band: The Stevedores

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should have seen them before their lead singer passed away.

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