More non-standard meat options in Madison

Moving on from beef heart:

  • Pig stomach can be had at China Palace, and it’s really good, though I found eating a whole plate of it myself to be a little too much of one thing.
  • For chicken feet, you’re looking at Hong Kong Wok in the Hilldale Mall food court, which serves them in black bean sauce. I actually found these gristly, goopy, and unappealing, but looking around at people’s tables it’s plain they’re very popular, and at two bucks a plate you might as well try it yourself.
  • Duck heads (and lots of other parts of lots of other animals) are sold raw and shrinkwrapped at the Angkor Thom market, in the same Northside shopping center as China Palace. They also sell the only good banh mi I’ve had in Madison; they call it “Angkor sandwich” and it seems to be completely random whether they have any on any given day.
  • I am very pleased with the New Yorkiness of the new Gotham New York Bagels and Eats, but they do not sell a tongue sandwich. Nor, as far as I know, does anyone else in town. Tragic.

2 thoughts on “More non-standard meat options in Madison

  1. Madison Guy says:

    Know what you mean about tongue sandwiches. Absolutely tragic, indeed. Used to be able to get them at Ella’s. I think Bluephie’s had them when they first opened, too.

    What’s wrong with this country? Bland food phobias and a murderous foreign policy…

  2. JSE says:

    Oh, I didn’t think to check Ella’s menu! But the pastrami sandwich I had there was substandard, so I’m not sure I’d be sasisfied even if they did serve tongue.

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