When the near West Side was a battlefield

A great post this week from Letter from Here about the end of the Black Hawk War in the summer of 1832. Chief Black Hawk’s band of Sauk warriors, fleeing from the U.S. Army, passed right by where our house is now, about two weeks before their ill-fated final stand. Read the post!

One thought on “When the near West Side was a battlefield

  1. Madison Guy says:

    Oops. I must have been typing in my sleep the other day when I hid this under your “About” section. Here it is where it belongs:

    Thanks for stopping by — and the link. July 20th is the actual 175th anniversary of Blackhawk’s retreat through Madison. It’s also, I believe, the 10th anniversary of Monona Terrace — which is built right on his escape route through the Isthmus.

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