Orioles / White Sox, July 2

I think the last year I went a whole baseball season without seeing the Orioles play was 1984. It’s a bit harder now that we live in Wisconsin, but the White Sox play only three hours away, so for one series a season I have a chance to see my team. Some thoughts:

  • I bought the tickets from StubHub, a sort of eBay for game and concert tickets. Apart from some difficulty finding the StubHub willcall at the game, I was very pleased: by contrast with Ticketmaster, I was able to see the full list of available tickets and prices, and to choose my exact preferred section (behind the O’s dugout, natch.)
  • Erik Bedard against Mark Buehrle promised to be a pitcher’s duel; Buehrle held up his end, but Bedard had a strange game, never seeming overmatched but serving up three two-run homers. The game seemed over when Kurt Birkins and his 15.75 ERA came in for some mop-up work with a runner on and the Orioles already down 6-2 — but Birkins got out of the inning with runners stranded on first and third, and in the next inning Buehrle left the game to a standing ovation and everything broke open; a flurry of timely extra-base hits and the Orioles go up 7-6. Chris Ray, who’s been terrible, came in for the save, and I now must concede that seeing him strike out the side in such a methodical and uncompromising fashion makes me understand completely why the Orioles are committed to him, bad as he’s been. I still (alone among Orioles fans?) mourn the loss of Armando Benitez, and on Monday night Ray looked like his successor. All in all, a very fine win, on pure baseball grounds among the best of the Orioles games I’ve seen. Maybe not quite as good as this one.
  • U.S. Cellular is a lovely place to see a ballgame. But White Sox fans, you should not start leaving when the game is tied in the ninth.
  • Baseball psychology: I remember the last part of this game as a flurry of timely extra-base hits by the Orioles, but in fact there was a key White Sox error in the eighth, but for which three runs would not have scored; and this was the point emphasized by the writeups in the Chicago paper.

2 thoughts on “Orioles / White Sox, July 2

  1. Em says:

    I will have to investigate Stub Hub further, thanks for the tip. Did you bring your cute kid to the game?

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