I am your target demographic and your Muzak must bow to my wishes: “Goodbye to You”

One strange thing about being 35 is that I am now the person whose disposable income stores are trying to capture by means of environmental cues. I went into Whole Foods the other night and they were playing “Goodbye to You.” And damned if I didn’t end up bopping around in the produce aisle and ending up with some really expensive brussels sprouts that I never cooked.

Now I’m in Caffe 608 and listening to “Thirteen.” (Though it’s not the Big Star version; Google suggests that what I’m hearing is probably a cover by either Elliot Smith or Wilco, which suggests that this cafe is probably aiming its Muzak at 28-year-olds instead of me.)

Via YouTube, here’s the video for Scandal’s “Goodbye to You.” I always wondered why this song hasn’t been embraced by ’80s retro types alongside similar tracks like “Just What I Needed” and “867-5309.” It turns out there’s a simple reason: “Goodbye to You” wasn’t actually very popular, topping out at #65 on the singles charts. It deserved more, as you’ll soon see, because you are going to watch this insanely awesome video now.

3 thoughts on “I am your target demographic and your Muzak must bow to my wishes: “Goodbye to You”

  1. Em says:

    No need to watch the video, the song is etched into my memory. And I’m pretty sure that the lead singer is Patty Smythe, now Mrs. John McEnroe. But I’m not going to fact check — I’ll just go watch the video for old time’s sake.

  2. Craig says:

    Wow. The chemistry between the singer and the bassist is… well almost as compelling as his hair. All of their collective hair, really.

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