Dane County Fair

I took Caleb to the fair today and we spent an enjoyable hour wandering among the livestock. Caleb thinks it’s uproariously funny when the animals behave in accordance with the stereotypes he’s learned from books; when the ducks quack, the sheep baa, and so on. I also learned that llamas cost only about $500 each, but they like companionship so they can’t live alone. They don’t mind if their companion is a horse or a goat, though.

Let me say again that runner ducks are cool. (YouTube link)

Discussion Question: do you think the people who had pigs named “Hillary” and “Obama” were Democrats or Republicans? I’m honestly not sure.

2 thoughts on “Dane County Fair

  1. Em says:

    Given that it was the County fair and not the State fair I’m leaning towards Democrat. But how big was your sample?

  2. Zajj says:

    My Aunt lives in Eastern Oregon and takes people llama-packing for a living. She seems to think that they’re great companions for people…

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