My mom or dad can’t come to the phone right now

If you blog, do you reveal on your blog that you’re traveling? I spent most of last week in Palo Alto and most of the week before in Germany. But my parents impressed upon me when I was little that when you were home alone, and someone called and asked for your mom or dad, you weren’t supposed to say they weren’t home, but instead that they “couldn’t come to the phone.” Because if you revealed to unknown persons that the grown-ups weren’t around, they might come over and rob your house. So I don’t actually think it’s likely that blog readers will come rob my house (if you are planning to, please try to clear off some bookshelf space) but I’ve retained this superstition that you shouldn’t let it be publicly known that you’re away. Am I being weird here?

4 thoughts on “My mom or dad can’t come to the phone right now

  1. nichole says:

    No, not weird at all. It’s quite smart.

  2. Em says:

    Not a problem that I face since I don’t leave the house except to go to Target.

    But I think it’s fine to keep whatever information about yourself to yourself.

    I did wonder why things around here were so quiet until I spoke to your lovely wife : ) ( I hope I haven’t made you concerned that a future lapse in posting will be equated with your absence from the country. )

  3. JSE says:

    Once school starts, I’m sure there will be more long pauses, so people will quickly learn that these don’t actually mean I’m away (e.g. if they attempt to rob my house.)

  4. I’m the same way – I don’t mention exactly when I’ve been away until I get back. I don’t think it’s particularly rational or anything, but my motivation is pretty much the same as yours.

    Which sometimes leads to silences correlating with trips. Not always, though; in fact, I posted a couple of times on my last trip (on non-trip related stuff), whereas I’ve been silent since getting back, since I’ve been busy catching up on stuff that accumulated while I was away! (Plus having dinner with you and Ravi and Alice and Benjamin, of course.) So maybe in the future there will be a correlation, but the silence will mean that those thieves have missed their window of opportunity…

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