Welcome back, rotter

We returned from five days in Arizona to find that the refrigerator had crapped out at some point during our trip — some early point, judging from the smell. So off to the trash shed with everything inside. The three foulest items (in ascending order):

  • Kohlrabi: all leaves coated with white fluffy mold; in addition, discharged a fair amount of spotty liquid onto the refrigerator floor.
  • Cherries: encased in white mold with a cotton candy texture; the mold had spilled over the side of the box and was hanging down in beards through the metal-grate floor of the top shelf.
  • Trout: This particular trout had been in a twist-tied plastic bag in my freezer for a year. I’d been thinking last week that I should just chuck it. I should learn to listen to these thoughts.

The invaluable Doctor Fungus suggests that the mold on the cherries was probably a species of Mucor.

4 thoughts on “Welcome back, rotter

  1. Em says:

    Nothing adds to the stankiness of rotting food like that puddle that decaying vegetables produce. Welcome home!

  2. JSE says:

    Nothing … except trout.

  3. David Savitt says:

    Nothing like summer in Arizona.

  4. […] One of the charms of not owning your own house, and having the university as your landlord, is that when your fridge dies, the university brings you a new one by the end of the day. The new fridge has a larger freezer and […]

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