How to drive, by David

David has a great post today featuring suggestions for fellow California drivers, written with the attention and rigor he usually applies to software engineering.

Suggestion 1: You do not have a god-given right to stay in one lane in perpetuity.

Traffic conditions change: just because you were behaving reasonably by driving at a given speed in the third lane two minutes ago does not mean that you are behaving reasonably by driving at that speed in that lane now.

In my role as a slow and undoubtedly sometimes annoying driver, let me add my own suggestion to David’s five:

Suggestion 6: If you would like to be driving 5 mph faster than you are, but someone is preventing you, stop and think about how much difference the extra 5 mph makes to your overall life goals. If the answer is “not very much,” then try to keep from getting angry. Angry people are bad drivers.

4 thoughts on “How to drive, by David

  1. Em says:

    Re suggestion number one: Lord help me if I ever have to drive in California.

    Here is my favorite tactic, and it relates to your suggestion. I am usually the person preventing you from going five mph faster. If I sense someone tailing me, and I am going say 40 mph in a 35 mph zone. I actually slow down to the exact speed limit for the duration of the tail gaiting. I picked this habit up from my husband. As Cary says, “Usually the driver backs off, and if we have an accident, well at least we’ve slowed down.”

  2. Tom says:

    East Coast Rule No. 1: No minivans in the hammer lane.
    Rule No. 1A: Your SUV is a minivan.

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  4. Dirty Davey says:

    My own personal suggestion: if you think that the person in front of you is driving too slowly, and if there is a car immediately in front of them, then TAILGATING WILL DO YOU NOT A DAMN BIT OF GOOD.

    I don’t know how many times I end up being tailgated by some asshole because the car in front of me is not going as fast as they would like. You know, often that car is not going as fast as _I_ would like. But getting on MY ass doesn’t actually do anything to make THAT car change what it’s doing.

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