Do you need daycare in Madison?

An experiment in using the blog to accomplish something other than yakking about this and that follows:

CJ is in a home daycare which we like a lot: T. (not her real initial) takes care of 4-5 kids at her house in Middleton (just over the Madison border, an easy 15 minute drive west from the campus area.) CJ’s been going there for almost a year and we’re very happy with his situation; T. is experienced and caring (and state licensed), the house is pleasant and filled with fun toys (which for CJ means “lots of trucks”), CJ doesn’t get sick very much. Dropoff is 8-8:45, pickup is 4-5.

Two of the kids there have just moved on to preschool, so T. has two openings, one for a child of any age (even an infant) and one for a child 2 or older. Part-time attendance is a possibility. If this might suit your needs, send me e-mail and I’ll put you in touch with T.

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