Reader survey: what was your first concert?

Mine was Yes, on the Big Generator tour. Apparently this was December 13, 1987 at the Capitol Center. I went with Steve. As we speak I am listening to “Yours is No Disgrace” in celebration.

What was the first concert you went to?

(To give you some idea of the spectacle Steve and I witnessed, here’s Yes performing “Yours is No Disgrace” in 1985:)

10 thoughts on “Reader survey: what was your first concert?

  1. llamatronic says:

    The Beach Boys, summer of 1989, Mud Island Ampitheater, Memphis, TN. I was 14. They were riding a comeback wave (sorry) with the hit sing “Kokomo” earlier that year. My father and I had the absolute worst seats in the house – a gym-type grandstand in the back of the outdoor pavilion – but it’s still one of my favorite concerts (and I’ve seen a bunch). I still have the T-shirt and wear it on occasion. It’s still in pretty good shape, too. Most of the original band was there, except for Brian Wilson, of course. I remember the Memphis State University cheerleaders came out and performed behind the band during “Be True to Your School”.

  2. Em says:

    Mine was also Yes! But it was for an earlier tour – the big comeback album circa 1984 – ah yes, 90215 – I had to look it up. I went at the now defunct Buffalo Aud with my friend Sonia, and since we were in middle school, her mom too.

  3. Dave says:

    I think it was Pearl Jam at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, fall of 1996. That’s among to full-length concerts by a single artist — I went to the gala opening of GM Place in Vancouver in 1995, and various folks played a song or two, most notably Sarah McLachlan. Oh, and BTO (!) alternated “Takin’ care of business” and “You ain’t seen nothing yet” over and over at the celebration honoring the narrowly-defeated 1994 Canucks. Please, please don’t insist that that counts!

  4. Graham says:

    The Hooters opening for Loverboy. Yes, I know. 1986, apparently. I was really into that little keyboard-wind-instrument-thingy.

  5. nichole says:

    Jackyl, at the Rave in Milwaukee.

    Fall 1991, I think – I was in 9th grade and my best friend from middle school won tickets. We went to different high schools, so I remember the whole thing as a bittersweet attempt to KIT!!! BFF!!!

    All I remember about the concert was the chainsaw act.

  6. Dirty Davey says:

    First real concert as concert: The Who, RFK Stadium, July 1989.

    Somewhat earlier concert-like experience: the Beach Boys, playing the opening arena show at the 1985 Boy Scout Jamboree.

  7. Interesting question… Assuming the subject at hand has nothing to do with classical music, I’d have to say that, to the best of my recollection, it was probably a joint performance featuring Allen Ginsberg and The Fugs at the University of Wisconsin Stock Pavilion (a.k.a. the Cow Barn). Way back then, the Stock Pavilion hosted a lot of performers (including symphony orchestras) and more than a couple of visiting politicians.

    I’m not sure if HTML in comments is permissible on your blog, so I’ll just leave a URL for one of my Flickr posts for anyone who’s interested in learning a bit more about the history of the Stock Pavilion:

  8. Michelle says:

    The Smiths in 1985 (I think) at the Smith Center (ha ha) at GWU. It was my first and only concert—I’m not a concert kind of gal—so you think I’d remember the year better. I do remember suddenly realizing what pot smelled like and inhaling lots of secondhand smoke. I was also chaperoned by my dad, which took some of the fun out of that experience.

  9. JSE says:

    The fact that Michelle’s dad has seen the Smiths and I have not is one of the great rock injustices of our time.

  10. Elizabeth Whitaker says:

    I was at that show! It was my first Beach Boys concert, but the second concert I had been to at that time. I did not know it was the Memphis State cheerleaders who performed. That’s my college!

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