The day I ate four Big Macs

It was the fall of 1993, when I was living in Baltimore. McDonald’s was offering a special on Big Macs — two for two dollars. It was my first time living in my own apartment and I was still pretty interested in diminishing the amount of cooking I had to do, so this was an appealing offer. I figured, two Big Macs makes a nice meal, so I’ll bring home four, then have two for lunch and two for dinner. So I brought home my bag of Big Macs and ate the first two. And I thought to myself, you know, I could certainly handle one more Big Mac. So I ate another one. Then I was pretty full, but I thought: look, I now no longer have enough Big Macs for dinner, and it’ll be better hot anyway. So why not see if I can eat four? But then I thought: well, this may be the only time I eat four Big Macs at once, so I ought to make it a little special. So I spread some butter on the top and bottom bun of the final Big Mac and fried it up in a pan like a grilled cheese sandwich. Highly recommended (but more enjoyable without the three prior Big Macs.)

How many Big Macs can people eat at a sitting? Through the miracle of the Internet we can answer this question scientifically. Google hits for:

  • “I ate two Big Macs”: 151
  • “I ate three Big Macs”: 4
  • “I ate four Big Macs”: 8
  • “I ate five Big Macs”: 2
  • “I ate six Big Macs”: 5
  • No hits for seven or eight Big Macs. 2 hits for “nine Big Macs,” but both are from the screenplay to Super-Size Me, and the reference is to nine Big Macs over the course of a whole day.

Conclusion: six is the most Big Macs you can eat at once. Also, people prefer to eat an even number of Big Macs.

Update: search for “Big Mac eating contest” reveals an unverifiable message board comment asserting that Nick Suplizio, of Dubois, PA, ate seven Big Macs in 15 minutes. Nick Suplizio, if you someday find this post by Googling your name, I bow to you.

5 thoughts on “The day I ate four Big Macs

  1. Em says:

    You’ve come along way from 4 Big Macs in one day to having a bowl of ground cherries available at all times.

  2. […] gross McDonald’s story 02Sep07 Reminiscing about the day I ate four Big Macs reminded me of a less glorious but in some ways similar day. At Harvard, senior theses for math […]

  3. Steven says:

    My friend Lewis claims he can consume 20 Big Macs. He will be puting this to the test in a controlled environment within a timescale of 2 hours. Thats 6 minutes a Mac. Therefore I call upon the world to support Lewis with this audacious quest. Spread the word. Lewis is Maseeeeev!

  4. gbark321 says:

    Reblogged this on My Math-y Adventures and commented:
    Between my love of math and McDonalds work, this post made me laugh. I think it was the conclusion that people prefer to eat an even number of Big Macs that got me. Seems like a logical conclusion to draw. :)

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