What I’m reading

Marshal Zeringue asked me a few weeks back to contribute to his blog Writers Read, which has a simple but very effective premise: he writes to writers and asks what they’re reading. Here’s my response. Other friends who’ve contributed: Ben Wittes and Steve Burt.

2 thoughts on “What I’m reading

  1. Daniel says:

    Ah ha! This explains why I’ve seen On Beauty around my room… I must have received it while I was at Cornell. I’ve been wondering how that book got there for a while.

  2. Jenny D says:

    This is entirely irrelevant to your main post (but thanks for passing on my name BTW on this interesting reading feature!): do you really think that, say, 14-year-olds are using Facebook rather than Myspace? I just deactivated my minimal Facebook profile–I definitely can only be bothered with one or the other–but perhaps you are right and Facebook is more useful than Myspace–any thoughts would be much appreciated, I suppose I should go and look at the young-adult author websites & see if there’s a trend…

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