B+ book report

CJ has learned an important life skill — how to answer questions in a factually correct but content-free way. For example:

Q: Who are we going to see at the party?

A: Some people!

Q: What are we going to get at the store?

A: Some food!

Q: Where is that schoolbus going to drive?

A: Somewhere over there!

Answers like this are called “B+ book report.”

4 thoughts on “B+ book report

  1. When Miranda was two or three, when we were looking for something (usually that she had misplaced), she would say “I think it’s sowhere around”, with an expression and tone of voice that gave the impression that she actually thought she was being helpful. Simultaneously incredibly endearing and incredibly annoying!

    Of course, we’ll have many more opportunities to use that line on her over the coming decades…

  2. Em says:

    Fast forward 14 years:

    CJ, who were you on the phone with?
    No one!

    What do you want for dinner?

    Where are you going?

  3. JSE says:

    Technically, that’s not “B+ book report” but the closely related “You’re grounded.”

  4. Adam says:

    Lately, the 3-year-old has been answering questions (e.g. “Would you like toast?) with “Yes, no, maybe so.” This is definitely C-. F if we are trying to get out of the house on a weekday morning.

    Also the answer to “how was school?” is always “good and bad.” The interesting thing is that if you probe him on this, he will have at least 1 example of something that was good and at least 1 example of something that was bad.
    (Add a conclusion weighing the good and the bad and you have something like my method for writing short papers in college. Step 1: Write out argument for Position A. Step 2: Write argument for Position B (or not A). Step 3: Write an ambiguous conclusion arguing that more research or information is needed. Proofread. B+ not guaranteed.)

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