Magnetic Fields, young and live

The Magnetic Fields used to have a reputation as a really terrible live act, but I can’t remember why — and this 1994 set archived at Captain’s Dead doesn’t provide any clues. Terrific setlist, including the opportunity to hear “100,000 Fireflies” sung by Stephin Merritt instead of Susan Anway, and many of the songs from the first 6ths record sung by Stephin Merritt instead of various other indie rock stars doing impressions of Stephin Merritt. For instance, here’s “San Diego Zoo,” for as long as Captain’s Dead chooses to keep it up:

(hotlink to song removed at the Captain’s request — but seriously, go to his blog and listen to it!)


2 thoughts on “Magnetic Fields, young and live

  1. greg says:

    hey man

    glad you dig the show. unfortunately, i had to disable hotlinking to mp3s cause i was just going through way too much bandwidth. a few pains in the ass ruin it for everyone else. the new record is awesome, btw.

  2. Em says:

    I saw them play in a parking lot at the Indie Rock Flea market (circa 1995) and it was pretty terrible, but maybe it was just the setting…

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