There are hotdogs and there are hotdogs

I don’t think chili dogs are that great. If you’re going to have a hot dog which pours something thick, hot and sticky down your arm, wouldn’t it obviously be better to have a hot dog with baked beans on it?

Apparently I am not the first person to think of this.

I tried to find a picture, but couldn’t. I did, however, find a guy called Jeff Loo who took pictures of most of the meals he ate between June and December 2006. On November 1 of that year, he assaulted all that is good and decent by preparing a hot dog with mustard, ketchup, mayo, and kimchi:

In fairness to Jeff, should he read this, lots of the other stuff he ate in 2006 looks delicious.

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2 thoughts on “There are hotdogs and there are hotdogs

  1. John Cowan says:

    Doesn’t sound so weird to me. Kimchi is after all a sort of distant relative of sauerkraut, and that’s traditional on a hot dog. As for using mayo, well, I have no problem with it.

  2. Christine says:

    Somehow the mayo on a hot dog bothers me more than the kimchi, ketchup, and mustard combination, which sounds rather appealing. But this may be because I dislike mayo on pretty much anything except the occasional sandwich. Also, the mayo in the picture looks kind of unholy.

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