Sweet dreams are made of seven nation army

I like the idea of mashups, but when I listen to one, I usually say “Wow, cool!” for the first thirty seconds, then turn it off after a minute. But this I like:

I think what’s making it work is that the proportion of Eurythmics to White Stripes varies enough throughout the song to create a little suspense, even though the two songs themselves are at this point very familiar to me. The latter, because CJ picked up Elephant from the top of a pile of CDs last week, loved it, and now wants to hear it every time we brush his teeth. So the mashup provides some much-needed variation in our daily listen to “Seven Nation Army.” (CJ’s title: “Going to Wichita.”)

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2 thoughts on “Sweet dreams are made of seven nation army

  1. Em says:

    I mentioned this to Mrs. Q the other day, but Henry was fascinated with this song at exactly the same age that CJ is now. Maybe it’s an unrecognized developmental milestone.

  2. JSE says:

    We have got to find a way to ask Jack White about this.

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