Two complaints about Juno

  • I like dense, fast, quirky dialogue as much as the next fellow, but what they put in the mouths of the teenage characters in this movie is too much to be believed. I kept thinking, “This is fine, but if Joss had written it, it would really work.” I’ve read a lot about about the power of Ellen Page’s performance. And she was good! But actually the movie relaxed a little and was better whenever she was offscreen.
  • The movie seems to care a lot about what records it likes; and that’s fine. But then why present a main character who allegedly worships the Stooges and Patti Smith, to the point of talking about how it makes all modern music (including the Melvins!) sound “precious,” and then have the soundtrack be the preciousest, tweest specimens of indie cuddlecore imaginable? What does it say about this movie that when Belle and Sebastian comes on the radio your reaction is “OK, now we’re rocking out?”
  • One non-complaint:  all credit to the movie for including a song by the great Barry Louis Polisar, whose anthem “Don’t Put Your Finger Up Your Nose” was #1 with a bullet on my childhood record player.
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3 thoughts on “Two complaints about Juno

  1. Em says:

    Was the movie set in the here and now? Because I haven’t seen it (and therefore should keep quiet) but it is a pet peeve of mine when teen fictional characters of the now claim to worship rock heroes of yesteryear (like Rory’s best friend on the Gilmore Girls claiming she is “Nico obsessed”) it always strikes me as false, like the writer just couldn’t put aside his or her own obsession.

  2. dave t says:

    “and if joss had written it…’

    you sound like a kevin smith fan bundled up in the comic book version of season 8 of btvs…

    c’mon man… people fashion with trendy diatribes like to fashion their dialogue upon the backs of others… I do agree that it was plain to see where the influences came from in the scripting, but don’t be so concilitory that you cant appreciate a bit of flattery… I’d wager the screenwriter grew up with and watching joss in the first place.

    people can’t help but bite…

    I’ve seen rock’em sock’em robots re-released 7 times in my 33 years. repackaged and readverted for the new gen of breakable toy enthusiasts.

  3. John Cowan says:

    My daughter (born in 1987) has been an Elvis fan for a looong time, maybe half her life or so. Granted, her mother is an Elvis fan, but that didn’t influence her peers whose mothers were also Elvis fans very much, eh?

    When I look over her iPod playlist, there is just an awful lot of doo-wop and early rock’n’roll on it, plus 70s folk music as well, mixed in with the modern stuff. For that matter, my wife and I are Gilbert and Sullivan fans, as were our parents, and that fell off the pop charts (there was a time when every hurdy-gurdy in London was playing “tunes from that infernal nonsense Pinafore”) more than a century ago.

    So these things do happen, even if they may seem to lack truthiness because they don’t represent Everyteen’s taste.

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