Obama, glitter, Wisconsin

Monica hits the front page of the Guardian, which reports on the art-auction party she threw for Barack Obama in New York in advance of Super Tuesday. Monica tells me that artist Aaron Sinift is still selling his glitter Obamas at $240 per: $80 goes to the artist, $160 to BO. This blog doesn’t endorse candidates, but it does endorse art; and let me just say that Obama looks great in glitter. In fact, since WordPress has upped its storage limit to 3 gigs, I don’t have to just say it — I can show it!


Monica probably doesn’t want her e-mail address on this blog, so if you want one of these (I hear they make excellent Valentines) write me and I’ll write her.

I’m glad the Democratic race is still undecided; I’ve never lived in a state with a meaningful primary before. I took CJ out to lunch today (at the very welcome newcomer Pizza Brutta on Monroe) and was very much hoping BO and HRC would cram themselves into the banquette on either side and cover CJ with kisses. Didn’t happen. But we’re still 10 days away.

From the linked Guardian piece above, here’s Monica campaigning in Iowa:

We had volunteered to go door to door for Obama in Mason City, Iowa, prior to the Iowa Democratic primary caucuses. Mason City is very rural, surrounded by small pig farming communities. Weather at some points was well below zero. I knocked at one man’s house – I guess it was 7:30 in the evening – and he answered the door wearing only a pair of Y-front jockey underwear. He was probably 60-something, Republican. I asked him if he would vote for Obama and he asked me if I would marry him. I said no and he said no, so I went on my way.

But there’s a big question unanswered here. Did Mr. Y-Front Hog Wrangler want to know if Monica would marry Obama? Or was this a proposal? Two very different stories. Either one works as a “meet cute” scene for a romantic comedy of the opposites-attract type.

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One thought on “Obama, glitter, Wisconsin

  1. Sid says:

    No, I was there. Mr. Y-Front Hog Wrangler wanted to marry Monica in exchange for a vote for Obama.

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