Orioles numerology

It’s still ice pellet season in Madison, but in Florida it’s baseball time — the Orioles open their spring training schedule next Thursday against the Marlins. So it seems a good time to advertise the most awe-inspiring Orioles completism project I’ve ever encountered: Orioles Numerology, which provides capsule summaries of every Oriole, ordered by uniform number. At #1 we have, of course, the great Al Bumbry and current star Brian Roberts — but I’d forgotten that in between there was Tony Tarasco, fixed forever in memory on the warning track, staring straight upward, disbelieving, as fan Jeffrey Maier hauled a “home run” over the fence for the Yankees in the 1996 ALCS. And at the end, #88, Albert Belle, who’d worn #8 before moving to a team where that number meant Ripken and Ripken only. I hadn’t remembered that the number was first worn by banjo-hitting infielder Rene Gonzales. The proprietors of the site have some bad things to say about Belle, but if not for an unexpected injury he’d have been the best Oriole of the 21st century. More Albert Belle and less Rene Gonzales would look pretty good right now.

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One thought on “Orioles numerology

  1. Dirty Davey says:

    The 8-to-88 thing also happened with Paul Carey, for the same reason. Paul’s brother, Jim “Ace” Carey, wore #30 in the goal for the Washington Capitals.

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