In which I continue to dominate the national media

For those of you who get the New York Times, I have a short piece in today’s Sunday sports supplement, Play, in which I defend Alex Rodriguez from the popular and unfair complaint, “If he’s so good, why hasn’t he won a championship for the Yankees?” In fact, according to the best measures we have, the effect of adding one player, however great, just isn’t big enough to ensure a pennant; in fact, it’s not even big enough to overwhelm the effects of random year-to-year fluctuations by the rest of the team.

Since the piece isn’t online, here’s the close:

Moralizing sportswriters ascribe Rodriguez’s
ringlessness to something deeper than plain
luck: too lazy, too rich, not enough fist-pump.
But there’s nothing wrong with A-Rod; his
quantitative effect on the Yanks’ fortunes is
just not that large. Don’t expect Yankee fans to
forgive him, though. Everybody knows you
can’t buy a world championship. But it still
stings when you pay good money for one and
don’t get it.

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4 thoughts on “In which I continue to dominate the national media

  1. Em says:

    Nice work — Let the domination continue!

  2. Dirty Davey says:

    As the Texas Rangers years prove, A-Rod alone can’t even get a team out of last place.

  3. John Cowan says:

    As all true sabermetricians know, nothing has *ever* happened in baseball that wasn’t strictly according to the numbers, with of course the unbelievable, amazing, and almost beyond belief exception of Di Maggio’s Streak.

  4. […] on WNYC from 1-1:20pm this Friday, March 28, talking about why, from a quantitative standpoint, Yankee fans should get off A-Rod’s back. Filed under: baseball, writing   |   Tags: a-rod, alex rodriguez, lopate, […]

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