Book review from a broad

There’s a very generous and keen review of The Grasshopper King this week in Letters From A Broad. When you read a really nice review of a book do you wonder to yourself whether the reviewer is a personal friend of the author? In this case, that’s a yes. And now I will return the favor by reminding you that you can read LFAB’s book Ex-Mormon online, at least in part. I’m all about maximizing the click-through rate, so let me direct you straight to the section called “Sexual Purity.”

One thought on “Book review from a broad

  1. C. L. Hanson says:

    lol, it reminds me of the time this positive review of my book appeared, and I hesitated to link to it because I was afraid people would say, “Wait a minute… Didn’t you just write a positive review of his book the other day?” But really there was nothing suspicious about it. The other author/editor/reviewer found my blog, he emailed me, we exchanged books, and they both just happened to be good books. ;)

    Really I just like writing book reviews, and judging from my stats, my blog readers like reading them. With fiction it’s hard to tell whether you want to invest the time and money in reading a given work until after you’ve done it, so I like the challenge of trying to describe what’s unique and interesting about a book to help people decide whether they’d like to read it. This is the first time I’ve written a review of a book where I’ve met the author in real life, but for many of the others I’ve met the author in an Internet kind of way (exchange of emails, reading each other’s blogs).

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