Give the people what they want

What do people tend to look at on Quomodocumque? Now that WordPress offers statistics on most-viewed posts over the whole life of the blog, I can tell you. The most popular post, by a factor of three, is my post on the Mathematics Jobs Wiki, presumably because it appears on the first page of the “math jobs wiki” Google search that anxious candidates apparently carry out several times daily.

It turns out that, despite this not being a math blog, the math posts are in general the most popular; 8 of the top 10 posts are math posts. The other two are food posts, and food is a clear second among topics I frequently blog about. In fact, the most popular post about neither math nor food is my report on a German Art Students show, all the way down at #21.

And you know what people really don’t care about? At all? The Orioles. Truly, these are degraded times.

The most popular search leading people to the blog was, as expected, “math jobs wiki.” The next few leaders are variations on that, the name of the blog and my name. After that comes Inka Heritage, the local Peruvian restaurant I wrote about last summer.

Today someone came to the blog via a search for “Jonathan Richman was a Mormon.” Awesome.

5 thoughts on “Give the people what they want

  1. range says:

    You intrigued me with your spectral sequence tidbit yesterday, so I was all into homological algebras, category theory and sheaf theory, even though it’s a bit above my head.

  2. Graham says:

    People are really googling “quomodocumque'”? This is actually somehow heart-warming to hear.

  3. Dirty Davey says:

    I care about the Orioles.

  4. Em says:

    If you really made this a math blog I’d probably never be able to comment again! That’s why the variety is nice.

    (BTW, I still get an occasional hit just because I left a comment on that Math Jobs Wiki post, but mostly people visit my site looking for information on the song that Butters from South Park sings, and they are sorely disappointed.)

  5. stumped says:

    At the risk of being hounded out, may i suggest that all you guys start to follow cricket. it has a wonderful, slow feel to it, yet it can be fast paced in patches. it is like a combination of chess, golf, boxing and of course baseball(cause they are both very similar and beautiful ) but with subtle important distinctions, …. you guys may even start to love it……………. and (most importantly) it is NOT so British anymore ……..lots of South East Asians play it as do a fair chunk of central Americans(West Indian Islands)

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