Assortative mating

The red book is here! By which I mean: the reunion report of the Harvard Class of 1993 arrived in the mail yesterday. Now that most of us are married, I thought it would be interesting to see whether indeed Harvard locks its graduates into a bubble of privilege, accessible only to other alumni of the fanciest schools — in other words, does Harvard marry Harvard?

So I’m just going to go through this book alphabetically, until I get bored, and write down the alma mater of the spouse of each married Harvard grad. I’ll separate my classmates by gender, in case that makes a difference.

Harvard men found spouses from:

  • West Virginia
  • Florida Atlantic
  • Georgetown
  • North Carolina State
  • Emory
  • St. John’s University
  • UC-Davis
  • Harvard
  • U Mass – Boston
  • Duke
  • UC-Davis
  • UC-Berkeley
  • Knox College
  • Yale
  • Harvard
  • Durham
  • Harvard
  • Duke
  • Purdue

And the Harvard women:

  • George Washington
  • Southern Connecticut
  • Evergreen State
  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Texas A&M
  • Harvard
  • New Mexico
  • Colgate
  • Harvard
  • York
  • Harvard
  • Harvard
  • Columbia
  • West Point
  • Sydney
  • Harvard
  • Brandeis
  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • Tufts

OK, that’s enough. Hard to draw much from such a small sample size, but am I going to flip through the whole book typing in husbands and wives?  I am not.

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3 thoughts on “Assortative mating

  1. Em says:

    Wow – you guys get an actual report. We just get some hotel info. With all that background I can assure you that I would be even less likely to attend the reunion, much to Dr. Mrs. Q’s chagrin.

  2. Jessie says:

    Don’t forget “UConn dropout who finally finished her lousy-ass degree at the U of MN”.

    Happy to be in there f**king up the list.

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