More Harvard reunion chin-scratching

I finished reading the red book, so I’m now a complete authority on my classmates in the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1993.

  • If you are a woman who went to Harvard and you’re not presently working outside the house, you call yourself a “stay-at-home mom” — but if you’re a woman married to a male alum and in the same situation, your husband might call you a “homemaker,” or even, in one case, a “housewife.”
  • Triathlon is startlingly popular among my classmates. Alternative explanation: each and every person who completed a triathlon mentioned this fact in their entry. Actually, both might apply. Travel to non-western countries enjoys a similar status.
  • Funniest sentence (intentional division) “I’m still in Washington, DC, eager to prove that a Jewish man with a law degree can make it in this town.”
  • Funniest sentence (unintentional division) “Needless to say I am quite astonished that fifteen years have passed since we first set foot on campus.”
  • Most of the really angry people don’t write in, so kudos to the person who started her entry “If you really gave a shit about what I have been doing with my life, I’d have heard from you by now.”
  • Harvard does thousands of great things to its students and a few bad things, one of which is to promote the idea that the people eating Chickwiches on either side of us are fated to be the rulers of the world we’ll live in as adults. Not true, it turns out. On first glance, I think the members of our class most notable to the world at large are the executive producer of the Daily Show and the minority whip of the Florida State Senate.
  • I sometimes buy old Harvard reunion books at used bookstores; these make very absorbing reading, if you dont mind the fact that you’re almost certainly going through a dead person’s memorabilia. The books from 35th and 50th reunions muse a lot about the meaning of it all — this is totally absent from the present book, apart from a few classmates who switched religions, or obtained one for the first time.
  • Finally, if you’re reading this and you went to Harvard, please do click the “Chickwiches” link. It’s horrifying and disgusting in all the right ways.
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4 thoughts on “More Harvard reunion chin-scratching

  1. jessie says:

    I MUST SEE CRYBABY. Semi-famous Harvard alum + Fountains of Wayne dude + John Waters fantastic-ness must equal excellent songs. Plus, we finally watched Hairspray this weekend and it rocked.

    “Good Morning, BAAAAALT-TI-MORE!”

  2. Em says:

    “Most angry people don’t write in.” Awesome. I second the kudos, and bet I would like that person.

    Being referred to as a homemaker by your husband. Not so awesome.

  3. […] Forbes and Hi-Fives All Around! 30May08 Reunion season is the perfect time to advertise the most successful rock stars among my Harvard classmates, China […]

  4. Margaret Groarke '84 says:

    I’m reasonably certain that Chickwiches weren’t served in the dining halls when I attended Harvard.

    I spent a decent amount of time while at Harvard in the Pusey Library, where a complete collection of the red books are available on open shelves for your perusal. Lots of interesting things to be found in them.

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