A lot of products for kids — for instance, my Bob Revolution jogging stroller — advertise “stain-resistant fabric” as a feature. How stain-resistant is stain-resistant? I can’t speak for all products. But this weekend I found myself in the position of having about a pint of blueberries and stomach acid spattered all over the Bob. Nice, rich purple color, looked pretty permanent. And you know what? I took a hose to it and in three minutes it looked like new, and smelled fine. Here’s to you, miracle space fabric designers at Bob!

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised; you can’t really sell a $350 product for kids that gets ruined if someone vomits or defecates on it. But I wonder what the testing process is? Do they actually bring in kids to barf on the stroller? Or is there some kind of industry-standard simulacrum?

These are the questions you ask yourself while doing fine detail work with the hose.

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One thought on “Bespewed

  1. Em says:

    It’s probably the wonders of impermeable synthetic fibers at work. Thankfully they don’t make the details of their product testing clear when you buy the product with before and after photos.

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