Baseball Reference Play Index free this week!

I wanted to mention that one of the most remarkable baseball utilities on the web, the Baseball Reference Play Index, is offering a free trial until July 19 in honor of the All-Star Break. Want to know how many times in the last fifty years a player has hit at least 50 doubles and at most 5 home runs? This question was inspired by Brian Roberts’ 2004 season: it turns out that besides Roberts, only Mark Grudzielanek (1997) and Wade Boggs (1989) have pulled this off. Want to know about Orioles who’ve been hit by pitches in 2008? Here’s a complete report, from which you can learn that O’s batters were hit 11 times when we were winning, and only 5 times when we were behind. So far in 2008, 29 batters have been hit by pitches with the bases loaded. Rather, it’s happened 29 times to 24 different batters; Carlos Quentin has been hit with the bases loaded three times already this season. (Finding the all-time record for most bases-loaded HBP in a season seems beyond PI’s power; at least, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.) On May 23 of this year, Gavin Floyd of the White Sox hit two straight Angel batters in the fifth with two outs and the bases loaded, in a game LA would eventually win 3-1. You want to see a manager with confidence in his starter? Floyd stayed in to face Vladimir Guererro with the bases loaded, got him to ground out, and ended up pitching the complete game.

In other baseball news, Daniel Cabrera started another interleague game, came up three times, and struck out three more times; The Record That Will Never Be Broken is now 14 strikeouts in 14 at-bats. His perfect record is marred only by a sacrifice hit he collected in 2006. Is there anybody who’s struck out in every single plate appearance? Again, PI gets the job done: the record is held jointly by Kane Davis and Justin Duscherer, each of whom is a lifetime 6-whiffs-for-6.

Here’s the list of batters with at least 25 plate appearances against Cabrera, sorted by OPS.  Just another chance to say, “Jeter stinks.”

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One thought on “Baseball Reference Play Index free this week!

  1. uwbarry says:

    Very helpful site: found the box score of the July 1958 Boston-Yankees game my grandfather took me to @ Yankee Stadium in which both Mantle and Williams homered.

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