Show report: Takka Takka at the Frequency

Takka Takka makes hushed, spare indie rock with a lot of open spaces. Or so I thought until I saw them last night at Madison’s brand-new downtown venue, The Frequency. Now they are loud. And have two guitarists playing a lot of notes at once instead of one guitarist playing hardly any notes. And frontman Gabe Levine clutches the mike and howls and emotes and smashes a tambourine on the floor at the end of the set.

And it was great! The encore — announced as a Britney Spears cover but presumably not one — was especially strong: the whole song plays as a big slow drony uplift, a la Spacemen 3, but all the detail work was complicated and proggy instead of straightforward and druggy.

Grammar, from Chicago, opened. You know what’s a good look for a band? The look where no two people look like they’re in the same band. Grammar played energetic, not entirely tight, pop with big five-part harmonies that worked most of the time.

The Frequency is small — really small — and despite being small, wasn’t full. Maybe fifteen people were there to see Takka Takka, of whom five were Grammar. A very good place to get very close to a band you want to see. Strangely, if you order “cheese fries” there you get a white pizza. Apparently that’s what “cheese fries” means in the proprietors’ home town of Stevens Point, WI.

Takka Takka home page

Grammar myspace page

The Frequency

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6 thoughts on “Show report: Takka Takka at the Frequency

  1. Em says:

    I love the idea that “cheese fries” is code for a white pizza in Steven’s Point.

    Funny, I thought the guitars didn’t come through on the record at all, and I knew they had two instead of the previous one — it was all thunky drumming — I would have preferred more guitar.

  2. Lizz says:

    Hi! Lizz here from Grammar. Thanks for watching our set and you’re right – our previous bands include a funk band, a post-punk band, a no wave/Britpop band, and a jam band. I’ll let you guess who was in which, wink wink.


  3. The Word says:

    Takka Takka was amazing – I think they’re a true talent. The first band was terribly mediocre, but whatever, an opener’s an opener. Frequency is great!

  4. JSE says:

    Just to clarify, Takka Takka came on third and Grammar second, so the band The Word denigrates above is not Grammar.

  5. The Word says:

    Pardon my error. but I was speaking of Grammar. Thanks.

  6. JSE says:

    In that case I disagree with you about Grammar, who I thought were good!

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