Pink helmet

CJ is, in many ways, in compliance with conventional expectations about little boys; he likes construction sites, vehicles of all kinds, dinosaurs, and roughhousing. But he breaks those rules, too. One of his favorite games is to cook in his toy kitchen (though note that cooking is Daddy’s job in our house.) Based on his loose understanding of human reproduction, he sometimes tells us that he has a baby in his tummy and he’s going to take care of it. And when I recently took him down to Budget Bicycle Center to buy a helmet, he chose the pink one with hearts all over it above the blue helmet with cars, the black helmet with trains, and many other more boy-coded options.

When I was a kid, my favorite color was pink. OK, I’ll admit it, hot pink. (It was the 70s!) And I liked all decorations to be as floral as possible. My parents brought me to the department store when I was 4 or 5 to pick out wallpaper for my room, and I chose a print of pink roses, which created some consternation; my parents felt, possibly correctly, that at 7 I’d feel it wrong to have my room done up in pink roses, so they bribed me with the offer of a giant cork board to accept a more gender-neutral wallpaper. It was a kind of blobby orange-and-brown plaid. Did I remember to mention it was the 70s?

Anyway: should I maintain a rigid neutrality about all such matters? Or is it all right that I feel a little pride in CJ’s pink helmet?

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5 thoughts on “Pink helmet

  1. Dirty Davey says:

    When we moved–the day before my ninth birthday–I ended up in a bright pink bedroom. While I was never enthusiastic about the color, I liked the room a lot better than the neutral-colored-but-tiny room that my younger brother got. If my memory is correct, it took a touch over two years for the room to get re-painted; when I returned from my first summer at Scout camp, it was a nice light green.

  2. JmSR says:

    Don’t you see he’s just playing you.

    CJ knows he doesn’t want to wear a helmet and now he’ll have a good excuse not to.

    Some folks have said that I don’t have enough paranoia to be a parent.

  3. chanson says:

    That’s so cute!!!

    Did you see my story about Leo and the pink phone?

  4. Em says:

    While I agree with your parents, and would have dodged the rose wallpaper, I think there is nothing wrong with indulging CJ’s interest in pink. It will be a lot tougher to do once he listens more to his peers than he does to himself.

    Also, H’s first bike helmet was red with embossed hearts — not quite as over the top, but L now wears it with pride.

  5. Richard Kent says:

    No neutrality. Pink helmet!

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