I was walked by a zombie

Everybody on the Orioles is playing like a shambling, reanimated corpse, but only Radhames Liz really looks the part. I went down to the Blue Moon Sunday night to see the Orioles play in the Yankee Stadium finale. The Packers were on, so I watched alone as I enjoyed my excellent cheese curds (rated by an acquiantance of mine as the best bar cheese curds in Madison, and she claimed to have tried them all.) The Orioles were — well, they were to baseball as the cheese curds were to bar food, except the exact opposite. They’ve now lost eight straight, four of those by a single run. They played Sunday night like a team who just wanted to pack it up and go home for the winter. Brandon Fahey, the worst offender, booted one ball and pulled a Little League style “I got it — no you get it!” on another, turning a close game into a laugher. As I write this, the Orioles look to be en route to another one-run loss to Tampa Bay, the team that used to be the comforting mattress separating us from last place. Radhames Liz did his part, blowing 5/6 of a 6-run lead, bellowing all the while for the raw brains of everyone else on the field. Hard to believe that just one month ago this team was fun to watch.

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3 thoughts on “I was walked by a zombie

  1. Dirty Davey says:

    Yeah, that was shameful. I hope you had the sound off, so as to avoid having to listen to Miller and Morgan fellate the Yankee franchise.

  2. JmSR says:

    Not that I want to disparage your friends review of Blue Moon, but most people have not tried the curds at Door Creek Golf Course (no regular hours/call before you go). These fried cheese -I kid you not- squeaked. Fresh and freshly fried. Door Creek makes the best. But I’d bet that Blue Moon’s are up there.

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