Kohlrabi kugel, Jalapeno Loco

I tried to make kohlrabi-beet latkes, but I couldn’t get the batter to bind well, so after two latke scrambles I gave up, put the batter in a Pyrex, and made it into a kohlrabi-beet kugel instead. It was good — and at least as far as Google knows it was the first kohlrabi kugel ever made.

In other good food news, we discovered (thanks to a tip from Chowhound) that Jalapeno Loco, the dismal-looking Mexican restaurant on the dismal-looking stretch of road adjoining the Milwaukee airport is, in fact, a first-rate Oaxacan place. We stopped there last week before our flight to Houston. Their rendition of chiles en nogada — a poblano stuffed with finely diced pork, apples, plantain, peach, and almond, battered, fried, drenched in a creamy walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds — is by a mile the best Mexican dish I’ve eaten in Wisconsin. And the vegetarian version, with el portobello replacing el puerco, is just as good! We liked it so much that when we got back from Houston, we stopped and had it again.

One more reason to fly direct from Milwaukee instead of one-stopping it from Madison. I need a transit historian to explain to me how it came to pass that General Mitchell is so much more pleasant than airports in other similarly-sized cities. Easy parking, short lines, lots of direct flights, a good used book store — and now chiles en nogada.

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2 thoughts on “Kohlrabi kugel, Jalapeno Loco

  1. nichole says:

    I second the superiority of MKE to MAD airport! Too many delays waiting for that last leg home when we could have driven in the same amount of time.

    Thanks for the Jalapeno Loco tip. You’re not alone! http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/470532

  2. […] I have already blogged about the unexpectedly excellent Jalapeño Loco, literally across the street from the airport.  […]

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