Three comments on Halloween

  • Yesterday a ten-year-old girl and her mom walked by me, and the girl was saying “One Indiana Jones and two football players.” I couldn’t parse this at all until I figured out she was talking about the costumes her classmates wore to school that day.
  • A lot of little kids are wearing Spiderman costumes with sewn-in muscle chests. This is wrong. The whole point of Spiderman is that he has skinny arms and legs, like a spider, yet is super-strong. If you are a little kid and you want to wear a muscle chest, please consider being the Hulk.
  • CJ was a clown. At the last moment he decided he wanted to be an alligator instead. I suggested that he could wear the clown suit and make alligator jaw-snapping motions with his arms, thereby being an “alligator clown.” CJ argued, with some merit, that “alligator clown” was an incoherent costume concept and he wanted to be just an alligator. Finally we got him in the suit, but he wouldn’t wear the rainbow wig. So I wore that. We knocked on a few doors, but mostly he was excited to be outside past his bedtime, and just wanted to run around in the dark in his clown suit.
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2 thoughts on “Three comments on Halloween

  1. Dave says:

    There are precedents of sorts. When I was two (or was it three?), I wanted to go as a witch, but not a scary witch; so I dressed as a clown witch.

  2. Em says:

    Hybrid costumes are all the rage — you know, devil ballerina, skeleton bride etc. Alligator clown is a fresh take.

    Wish I could have seen you in the wig.

    I have very fond memories of Halloween in U student housing. One year I went out without my parents (just two friends) and my mom still talks about how much she worried about me.

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