No thank you, but thanks

That’s what I said to the student working the coffee counter when she asked if I wanted my coffee card punched. It seems that I’ve come to take “no thank you” to be so fully synonymous with “no” that it requires the formally redundant “but thanks.” Does anyone else say “No thank you, but thanks?” Or other versions of this kind of redundant politeness?

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6 thoughts on “No thank you, but thanks

  1. Ken Ribet says:

    Please RSVP

  2. Steve says:

    When I left messages on voters’ answering machines yesterday I kept saying “Thanks so much, and thanks for your time.” Which isn’t technically redundant, but might be hyperpolite.

  3. Jeff says:

    I’ve never heard “No thank you, but thanks” but I think “Thanks, but no thanks” is relatively common.

  4. Greg Martin says:

    “The thing is, is that….”

  5. Lisa Carbone says:


    Maybe you’re Australian. “No thank you, but thanks” would be quite a normal phrase down there.

  6. “No thank you, but thanks?”

    Don’t you think it’s too much thank you?! ;)

    Well, I just say “No, thank you”

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