In which I am away from my desk

Back late last night from a brief trip to Chicago, where I visited Steve and Monica at the AWP and worked out (I hope!) the last details on a project with Ben McReynolds.  I usually bring my laptop when I travel.  But just before leaving, it occurred to me that the amount of downtime on this trip was so small that there was no point in carrying around the extra weight in my backpack all day.

At this point, I immediately started feeling anxious about not seeing my e-mail for two days.  The anxiety was an even more powerful argument for not bringing my laptop.  It’s important to stay sure you can quit any time you want.

I’ve now gone about 45 hours without looking at my e-mail, the longest stretch in quite some time.  Is this unusual?  What’s the longest you’ve been away from your e-mail in the past year?

3 thoughts on “In which I am away from my desk

  1. Hmm, in the past year, I don’t think I went even 24 hours without checking my mail. I certainly went longer than that without sending any email, though, including one 5-day stretch over winter break.

  2. Jessie says:

    I’d have to figure out what was the longest period of time I’ve slept in the last year, because truly there lies the answer.

  3. Around New Year’s Eve, there was almost a whole week where the only internet access we had was in the trains between Liège and Paris (which we did use for two round-trips, totaling about 10 hours…)

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