Major league honkbal

Once again, in dramatic fashion, the Dutch baseballers give the Dominican club the finger like it was a leaky dike.  After a tense pitchers duel, the Netherlands go into the bottom of the 11th down 1-0.  Rob de Jong doubles to lead it off.  Then clutch Eugene Kingsale comes through with an RBI single (eenhonkslag), scoring the baserunner (honkloper)  to tie the game.  Dancing off the bag, basestealing threat Eugene Kingsale draws the throw, which sails wide of DR first baseman (eerste honkman) Manny Aybar, at which point alert Eugene Kingsale scampers all the way to third (derde honk).  The next batter, Yurrendell de Caster, hits a sharp grounder that Aybar gloves but can’t keep — and exultant Eugene Kingsale cruises home to end the game.  The Dutch advance to round 2, the Dominicans go home.

For more fun-to-say honkbal terms, see here and here.

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