Which teams in the AL East are for real?

Not the Blue Jays — and I knew it before the Orioles beat them twice in a row.  They’ve been leading the division all season; but half their games have been against the woeful Central, while the other good teams in the East have been beating up on each other.  If you keep their winning percentage against each division constant, but change their number of games played against each division to match the Orioles’ totals, the Jays wind up in fourth place at 21-25, only a game ahead of Baltimore.  (To be fair, our interleague games were against the even more woeful Nationals, while Toronto drew the Braves.)

Not the Yankees — they’re outscoring their opponents by about a quarter of a run per game, which means they ought to be a shade over .500.  They won’t win 70% of their one-run games all year long. (Though their scoring will improve with Rodriguez back in the lineup.)

Anyway, none of this matters, since Friday is Matt Wieters Day and the Orioles are playing .750 ball from then on.

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3 thoughts on “Which teams in the AL East are for real?

  1. Michael Childers says:

    You might be interested in this website my friends in Baltimore run: http://www.mattwietersfacts.com/

    They’re pretty excited about Wieters too.

  2. Adam says:

    Well, to have the Orioles sweep the Blue Jays–and in such a dramatic fashion today–suggests to me that the Orioles are going all the way. And with the Pirates recently able to put together a couple of wins (although not in the series against the Cubs) plus the karma from the Penguins and the Steelers, I have a good feeling they will win the NL. So finally a rematch of the 1979 World Series (and the 1971 one) and a chance for the Orioles to finally beat the Pirates. You heard it here first.

  3. Frank says:

    I think last year I remarked sarcastically that even the Tampa Bay Rays were projected to finish above the Orioles, as if that should have finished the discussion.

    Well, I suppose the Rays *did* finish above the Orioles, but still I feel compelled to keep my mouth shut this time around.

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