R.I.P. Kipp’s

Kipp’s Down Home Cookin’, my dependable local Southern take-out, is a recession victim. CJ referred to this place as “the cornbread restaurant” and thought theirs was the best in town; I can’t disagree.  Also notable for mac and cheese, fried chicken, and creamed spinach, the last of which achieved one of my most exalted food classifications — “worth the heartburn.”

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4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Kipp’s

  1. JmSR says:

    I’m not quite sure that’s true. I believe they are opening Old Market Bistro where Cafe Porta Alba was. Why they need to close Kipp’s to open that, who can say?


  2. Genie says:

    I went to Kipps on their last night. They said it was because of the depression – their debts were called in. They had a lot of debts from when they were located in Fitchburg, where they didn’t do as well.

    I’m very sad they closed. They did have great food, but more importantly, the people there were some of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Kym gave me and my husband hugs when it was time to go.

    Also, she said she might open a cart, if she can find a good one to buy. They have one but the wiring is no good. And Kipp said they might be at the Taste of Madison.

    About the Bistro – that’s Kipps own project and has nothing to do with Kipp’s restaurant – it’s breakfasts and sandwiches. etc, Not the chicken and other food that Kipps had. It should be very good though.

  3. Hmm... says:

    Actually, it is true. The only thing about Old Market Bistro and Kipps that is connected is one of the Owners, Kipp Thomas. He will be doing a whole new menu there yes but, it in no way has any connection to Kipp’s Down Home Cookin’.

  4. Here is a recipe for The Berghoff’s famous creamed spinach:
    Maybe you could try making it sometime.

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