Dozivjeti Stotu

My dad went to a conference in Yugoslavia when I was a kid, probably
in 1984.  Somebody told him that people in the Eastern Bloc were
starved for designer jeans and U.S. rock records, so he carried over a suitcase
of jeans and records to give as presents.  Who knows about the rest of
the Warsaw Pact, but it turned out Yugoslavia was lousy with cheap
Levi’s knockoffs and cheap bootleg tapes, and his gifts were accepted
coolly, when at all.  Anyway, he brought me back two cassettes by
Yugoslav rock sensation Bijelo Dugme.  The standout track was “Dozivjeti
Stotu,” and here it is on YouTube, a classic piece of late-Communist
new wave.  Favorite things about this:  the way they say “Ni ni ni ni
ni” where an Anglophone band would say “la la la la la” or “na na na
na na”.   The part where they say “No sex no drugs no rock and roll”
in heavily Serbo-Croatized English.  And the excellent hair-smoothing
and guitar-swinging in almost every frame.

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5 thoughts on “Dozivjeti Stotu

  1. Em says:

    The singer’s like a cross between Ric Ocasek and the singer from the Vapors (“no sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no you know me, know you no wonder it’s hard…”).

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your comments about the bag o’ cassettes, but I’m not sure there’s anything yet undiscovered that’s better than this.

  2. Tony says:

    Warsaw Pact? Yugoslavia was never in the Warsaw Pact.

  3. Doug says:

    Yes Tony, Yuguslavia was never in the Warsaw Pact.Tito led a very independent course and certainly knew it would be difficult to keep the country together after his death.I seem to remember a rotating leadership was devised to give all the republics power.Gee, I guess that did not work.Very sad what happened.Before the start of the civil wars I sent a few letters to my PM(Brian Mulroney) and the UN giving my small opinion re the possiblity of real trouble.No replies!

    I spent some time in Tuzla,Bosnia in the 1970s.Also travelled around the country.Bijelo Dugme was a major major.I have the first 3 albums on cassette and the first 5 as mp3s.The ‘Dozivjeti stotu'(1980) was a major change in direction.

    Jeans.Lots of Yugoslavs worked in Germany and would bring back designer jeans for their gals!


  4. Doug says:

    Typo – Yugoslavia.I guess Jugoslavija.I will not attemt cyrillic!

  5. Doug says:

    Yes ‘attempt’.Christmas is getting to me.BYE.

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