White Sox 12, Orioles 8

I like Jim Thome a lot, and in the abstract I am happy to have had the chance to see him hit a 450 foot home run, but in practice I’d prefer it not to have been against the Orioles with the bases loaded.

In keeping with the general tenor of the season, this was a game where the Orioles played badly but in which there was much to like. Adam Jones hit a home run that was both timely and authoritative (albeit less so than Thome’s, in both respects.) Brian Roberts set down the finest bunt single I’ve seen in person. Maybe best of all was Kam Mickolio, who pitched an inning and two thirds of scoreless relief, making some good hitters look bad and getting out of a jam when he needed to. Big storky guy who kind of flails the ball over to the plate, but somehow it snaps right in smartly. He has a future on this team.

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2 thoughts on “White Sox 12, Orioles 8

  1. […] of Pedro Strop, who was hitting 97 and mixing it up with mystifying off-speed stuff.  But given my similarly optimistic assessment of Kam Mickolio I think it’s better not to make too confident a judgment of a reliever based on seeing him […]

  2. […] Davis says it helps him hit home runs and I guess so because he immediately launched a no-doubter so far into right it could have beat Ted Cruz in a primary. Maybe the best home run I’ve seen since the grand slam Jim Thome hit against the Orioles at U.S. Cellular. Did I blog that? Oh yeah, I did. […]

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