Someone still loves you Meredith Salenger

Meredith Salenger went to college with me.  This was before Natalie Portman and the guy from Weezer came to town, and Meredith, who starred in The Journey of Natty Gann as a kid and moved up to leading young lady in a couple of teen movies, was as big a star as we had.  She lived in the same building as I did but we never exchanged a word, and to be honest I remember her as stuck-up and clubby.

So the other day I was Googling her name (because I routinely Google starlets of the ’80s?  No — because I was looking for commentary about the Orioles trade of Oscar Salazar for Cla Meredith, and when I started typing “meredith salazar” her name came up on the autocomplete) and I discovered an enjoyable series of posts by Scott Venci, who blogs about high school sports for the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  Venci, a Meredith Salenger fan from way back, somehow got hold of her e-mail address and decided to see if he could get her to do a phone interview for his blog.  His secondary goal was to propose marriage.

Well, Meredith Salenger is still single, but she did do the interview, and it’s good reading.  Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

Especially interesting:  what she gave up to go to Harvard, which for most people is a career enhancer.

“I thought, ‘OK. I’ll go to Harvard for four years, and when I get back I’ll keep having movies offered to me,” Salenger said. “I was young, and I didn’t know. Nobody in my family is in this business. It was never a question of whether I was going to go to college. But when I graduated, it was like, ‘Oh, wait. You’re not a name anymore.’ It was only four years, but it definitely affected my career.”

She comes off throughout as smart, reflective, and funny, and I’m sorry I thought she was stuck-up and clubby — unless of course she actually was stuck-up and clubby at the time, in which case I’m glad she isn’t any more.

If that’s not enough Meredith Salenger for you, here’s her twitter feed.

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7 thoughts on “Someone still loves you Meredith Salenger

  1. Em says:

    We had one of the girls Ari Something (the brunette daughter) from Kate and Allie and Jennifer Connolly. Both were way more beautiful in real life and I tried not to stare. Ari Something graduated; Jennifer Connolly did not. And which one ended up with the Oscar and is still working over the age of 40? I’d google Ari, but I can’t remember her last name.

  2. Meredith Salenger says:

    Oh No!
    sorry you thought I was stuck up
    I think I was just nice to the people I knew
    and Private and shy with people I didn’t

    but I liked your article
    and I thank you for your nice ending


  3. Karin says:

    Meredith Salenger is one of the most kind, warm, intelligent and loving people I know. I’m glad you found out she wasn’t stuck up! I love Meredith.

  4. Uncle Matt says:

    I LOVE this girl. Always have.

    There is a beauty that radiates not only in her stunning appearance, but way down past the point that so very few are allowed to go. You get glimpses of it in moments – a small cry of the vulnerable, a cheer from the proud, a wave of heat from the warmth – and that is not something that is taught or learned. Count yourself lucky to have been close… and even luckier to have touched her later in life, beyond the silliness that is all our opinions of people at ages when no one knew who they were.

  5. Justa Jester says:

    Ari’s last name is “Meyers”…

  6. roger says:

    I am so glad I happened on this story. great one by the way. I have been a Meredith fan since 1985. I have watched Natty Gann at least 10 times. You are lucky to have known her. She is an absolutely beautiful woman that I would propose marriage to in a second. We all have childhood celebrity crushes and Meredith is definitely mine. I had pictures of her on my walls and in my locker at school…my friends would ask who she was and I would say” the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”. The internet is a great place(sometimes). I do google her and check out her latest pics and follow what she is up to. Would love to see her in a few more movies or even TV shows…somebody still loves you Meredith Salenger…

  7. chad says:

    I too have had a huge crush on her since I was younger. She has a different yet stunning type of beauty. If I were the guy she flirted with on the bike, you can be sure I would’ve done anything to have more of a conversation with her that hopefully went well and ended up with us having dinner. She is gorgeous! I’m 37 so I totally fell in love with her from the journey of natty gann. Makes me wish I lived in Hollywood. Lol. Not really. But you know what I mean.

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