Pythagorean doldrums

Since the All-Star Break the Orioles have scored 79 runs and allowed 93.  According to the Pythagorean formula we should have won about 7 of the 17 games we’ve played.  Instead we’re 4-13, with tonight’s 9th-inning loss to Detroit in a game we’d led 5-0 the latest sour little burst of dispirit.

If you need some cheerful Pythagoras to balance that out, look no further than the brand-new record from SF indie-pop outfit The Invisible Cities, featuring a hypnotic and slightly kooky track called “Pythagorean Theorem”:

‘a’ squared plus ‘b’ squared
the sum equals ‘c’ squared

opposite the angle ninety degrees wide
the hypotenuse likes saying it is the ‘c’ side
the other two keep stretching they don’t mind
they’re crafting copper etchings they’re just fine

For a limited time, their new album is free for download.  I recommend it (though my favorite song of theirs remains the older “Bumper Cars,” which you can listen to on their myspace page.)

Update: “Pythagorean Theorem” now live on YouTube.

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