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We went to Cambridge, WI yesterday for a very worthwhile tour of Hinchley’s Dairy Farm.  To give you a bit of a break from cow-cow-cow they have a little menagerie of goats, rabbits, and poultry you can feed, including a modern game bantam.  The still picture doesn’t really capture how weird these things are to look at.  Mrs. Hinchley told us that little kids often say they look like dinosaurs — and that’s true, but much more accurate is Mrs. Q.’s observation that, of all chickens, the modern game bantam is the one which most resembles a guy in a chicken suit.

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One thought on “Modern game

  1. Richard says:

    I hadn’t really paid attention to chickens until my neighbors obtained some for their back yard. They really are odd birds, and there seem to be a large number of varieties of them. They must be highly bred animals because in a natural setting it would make absolutely no sense for a hen to lay an egg every day, consuming an enormous amount of energy that it would otherwise need for survival.

    The bird world has many fascinating members — the owls, crows, ravens, and parrots come mind, among others. The latter three are noted especially for their intelligence, and the owls are fascinating biologically. Some owls can swallow a mouse whole and completely dissolve everything except for the bones and hair within five minutes, later vomiting the residual as a solid compressed pellet. Their hearing is not only extremely acute in sensitivity, but also in 3D localization, allowing them to easily detect and extract a mouse tunneling under the snow. There are people trying to figure out how they do that (and using mathematics such as the fourier transform in the process). I’m still waiting for the Great Horned Owl that hangs out in Eagle Heights Woods to show itself to me. I’ve heard it, but not seen it. A couple of winters ago, my dog found a dead and headless Canada Goose in the woods at Picnic Point, and I was told by bird experts that it was probably the victim of a Great Horned Owl that made off with the head which appeared to be surgically removed from the body. That owl had to have brought it down out of the air — it couldn’t have dragged it back into the woods. I’m betting it’s the same bird in Eagle Heights Woods. If you have chickens in the back yard, a GHO in the area may be your worst nightmare.

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