The Chess Master and the Computer

Garry Kasparov has a thoughtful and educational piece in the New York Review of Books about his transition from best chess player in the world to best human chess player in the world, and what computers mean for the future of chess.  (Spoiler:  Kasparov thinks chess does have a future.)  Mentioned in passing is Jonathan Schaeffer’s unbeatable checkers program, Chinook.  If you enjoy hopeless enterprises you can play against Chinook online.

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One thought on “The Chess Master and the Computer

  1. Nigel says:

    Kasparov writes very well. His stories about employing a computer partner are reminiscent of how we as mathematical researchers use computers to take care of routine matters, freeing us up to be creative, and to notice unconventional ideas. I follow chess news on and there are regularly comments such as “As the world’s assembled chess engines were unanimously screaming, Black can win by 39…Ng3!” I think they help raise our game.

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