Irrational likred

Deane Yang asks in comments:  “What athletes do you especially like?”  That’s actually what I was going to post about today anyway.  A short list, excluding people who play for teams I follow:  Rickey Henderson.  Manny Ramirez.  Barry Bonds.  Jim Thome.  Nomar Garciaparra.  Edgar Martinez.  Randall Cunningham.  Ricky Williams.  Jake Plummer.  Gus Frerotte.  Surya Bonaly.  Arantxa Sanchez.

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2 thoughts on “Irrational likred

  1. Dirty Davey says:

    Hmm. Again, excluding the teams I follow. Shaquille O’Neal. Mark Messier. Peyton Manning. Lawrence Taylor. Walter Payton. Dan Marino. Randolph Childress. Tim Duncan. Patrick Roy. Carlton Fisk. Jonathan Ogden. Randy Johnson. Charles Barkley. Ken Griffey Jr.

  2. Deane Yang says:

    That’s some list and explains better why Peyton Manning might not be on it. You have a thing for guys in dreads, right? Some others who I’ve really liked: Randy Moss (he made Cunningham look a lot better in Minnesota than in Philadelphia) and Kurt Warner in his first year with the LA Rams.

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