Pinch run, grand slam

From Baseball-Reference Stat of the Day, the 17 times in baseball history a player has entered the game as a pinch runner and hit a grand slam.  Three of these were Orioles:  David Segui, John Shelby, and Chris Hoiles.  That’s right, Chris Hoiles pinch ran!  Chris Hoiles was 5 for 12 lifetime as a base stealer and had 2 career triples.  Who could he possibly have pinch run for? Go ahead, think about the 1991 Orioles and try to guess.  Then go to the scoresheet.  Yep — Sam Horn.

Horn, by the way, played 389 games and never stole a base.  He had one triple, in 1992.  I’d have liked to see that.  I wonder if he ever pinch ran?  Calvin Pickering came up too late.

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