An unsettling image from Mifflin

Dear college men of Madison,

The correct answer to the question “Where should I apply my Axe cologne?” is almost never “Right here on the street.” The correct answer to “How much Axe should I use?” is almost never “the rest of the bottle.”

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6 thoughts on “An unsettling image from Mifflin

  1. Mifflin never exactly displays Madison at its best…

  2. cl says:

    Looks like shampoo bottle to me.

    Maybe a foam party happened?

  3. Dave says:

    According to some women I know, the correct answer to “How much Axe should I use?” is in fact always zero.

  4. Richard says:

    Ach, I hate perfumes and colognes! It will probably end up in the storm sewer, drive the raccoons out, and then eventually drain into one of the lakes.

    I was on State St last night for dinner and spotted something that disturbed me even more. There were some packs of teenage girls walking around with crisp new T-shirts that I’m assuming they bought at the party. They read

    Desirable And Really Easy

  5. Jessie says:

    I would contact the EPA about that. I’m pretty sure a potential Axe cologne spillage has got to be considered a pretty toxic event.

  6. Zajj says:

    In college, samples of axe spray-on were distributed widely at some point. Some boys I knew rounded as many of them up as they could, and spent the rest of the week using them as blow-torches. The display was admittedly impressive, though it made me choke to be anywhere near their dorm.

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